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ARMO General Membership Meeting and Panel Discussion: New SEMA Individual Membership Program Demonstrates Ultimate Advocacy Commitment

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The government is increasing its involvement in the automotive industry and threatening the future of the car culture. From EPA overreach, to electric vehicle mandates and one’s right to modify, ARMO members and restoration enthusiasts may soon find that they are limited in their ability to restore cars. 

The new SEMA Individual Membership Program unites the industry’s advocacy efforts and demonstrates the ultimate commitment an individual can make to protecting the future of the industry. Membership is no longer limited to businesses. Every single person is invited to join, from employees of businesses, family members, friends, neighbors – you name it! Learn about the new program and discover what it means to be a SEMA Individual Member during the upcoming ARMO General Membership Meeting. 

SEMA Board member Kim Pendergast of Magnuson Superchargers will share details and answer questions about SEMA Individual Membership, while ARMO Member David Alkire moderates the discussion. They will be joined by the ARMO Select Committee as they discuss the current state of the automotive restoration market and the council’s current initiatives.


Talking Topics with ARMO: SEMA Individual Membership
03/11/2022 at 10:00 AM (PST)  |  60 minutes
03/11/2022 at 10:00 AM (PST)  |  60 minutes