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How to Design the Latest Wheels Fashion, Presented by WTC

Recorded On: 07/12/2023

Designing wheels can be challenging. What can designers do within the confines of a circle that will meet buyers’ need for fashion and functionality?

Join wheel designers as they share their approaches to knowing when to keep, refresh or create new wheel designs that will sell. Led by industry experts and presented by the SEMA Wheel & Tire Council (WTC), this webinar will leave you inspired for new designs. You’ll hear about:

  • New design inspiration – from classic styles to cutting-edge innovations
  • Key principles of the design process
  • Examples of design failures and successes
  • How to overcome the challenges of creating something new within the confines of a circle
  • Physical challenges to designing wheels
  • The lifespan of design trends

Speakers include Aston Liyanarchi (Liyanarchi Design), Scott Weiss (Konig American), Mike Lusso (Hennessy Industries), and George Finch (The Carlstar Group LLC), as they provide you the knowledge and skills necessary to take your wheel designs to the next level.

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Aston Liyanarchi

CEO, Lead Designer

Liyanarchi Design

My name is Aston Liyanarchi and I am a designer that specializes in the marine and automotive industry as well as rapid prototyping and sourcing. For the last 15 years I have been designing aftermarket aluminum wheels for private label development or for one off custom designs and fitments.

Alex Martinez



You can expect at least one "ope" to come from our conversation, even if it's virtual. While that may be weird it only gets better once you learn that the largest e-commerce company for aftermarket wheels, tires, and suspension is located where that "ope" word originated. The person who spearheaded that aggressive & distinctive marketing strategy is the same person who's likely to say ope in our first meeting together. Hi!

I can successfully create, scale, and stabilize e-commerce brand portfolios from concept to $400M in revenue. 
 - I develop & launch e-commerce branding strategies that rapid-scale sales growth through community building and omnichannel digital advertising tactics. 
 - I excel at the planning and execution of holistic lean start-up strategies that maximize expansion while minimizing contraction.
 - I only use the necessary amount of data to make quick decisions to maintain a competitive edge.
 - Effective in restarting stalled brands with effective storytelling. 
I excel in growing, building, and leading teams. 
 - I keep communication simple and personable for all levels of an organization to understand our focuses. 
 - Storytelling is what I use to empower teams to move towards a goal. 
 - Accountability is what I believe in and what you'll always receive. 
 - Culture is allowing people to be who they are and empowering their individuality. 

My success lies within a structured approach that achieves both business targets and people needs all while encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit. 
- Launched Fitment Industries to fastest growing e-commerce brand for wheels, tires, and suspension.
- Onboarded over 200+ in-house employees to scale support needs within marketing, digital advertising, customer service, sales, and wholesale over 12 months in Wisconsin. 
- Achieved highest industry review score within 12 mo. of customer service reporting in 2021.
I truly love finding creative ways that builds an army of problem solvers that can execute all levels of strategic success. From answering customer service calls to developing wheel molds for a new segment, none of it is possible without a strong team. 

Scott Weiss


Konig American

Scott Weiss, President of Konig American, started with Konig 17 years ago as a member of their marketing team.  As a car-obsessed enthusiast with a love for fabrication and learning, Konig provided the perfect environment for Scott to learn about the manufacturer's side of the industry and wheel development.  A past SEMA 35 under 35 recipient, Scott has been at the lead of Konig American's global wheel development for their 5 brands as well as for Private label customers for almost a decade. 


How to Design the Latest Wheels Fashion, Presented by WTC
07/12/2023 at 12:00 PM (PDT)  |  Recorded On: 07/12/2023  |  60 minutes
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